Dineary offers a simple way to connect with potential customers in your neighborhood, allowing you to take a step back from marketing your business so you can focus on your service or products. Elegant, simple and easy to use, Dineary offers a way to generate revenue without the headaches.

How To Book a Dinner

1. Explore Dinings

Discover various dining places in your local neighborhood. You can just search the location you would like to have your dinner, otherwise you can click on “Explore” on the top of menu bar to start looking for your dining place.

2. Make a Reservation

Easily setup an appointment directly from the dining page using our integrated booking options. Set up the date and time you would like to book the dining event. And then submit it. After your reservation is submitted, your host will contact you as soon as possible after they confirm your reservation. Please notice that you should book a few days earlier before the event starts.

3. Enjoy Amazing Experience

Enjoy and experience the private dining served by our friendly hosts !

How To be a Host

1. Create an Account

To be a host you need to create an account. Creating account is easy. You just need to click on “Sign Up” button on the top right on the menu bar. After completing the registration, your account will be approved by our admin. Then you’re ready to go!

2. Submit Your Dining Event

Submitting a dining event using Dineary is super simple, you will need to put some important informations for your dining event such as location and date/time which you are available for.

3. Our Admin Will Process Your Dining Event

After your dining event is submitted, our admin will take a look of it and approve it. After it’s approved, your dining event will be available in our site up and running.

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