Thursday Dinner by Queens Head

it’s only open for a lucky number of 24 people



Slicecult (@slicecult) presents an Immersive & Progressive yet soulful dinner session, gathering four chefs with different colours and personality working them together with their very own visual artist Riyan Berlian (@riyanberlian).
A night to enjoy and digest a new experience to celebrate the joy of freedom in deciding what and how to creat and execute, limit is vertical so it is unlimited the earth is here to be explored so thats what this night stands for.

Join the experience and be a part of a new genre and movement in the culinary and entertainment industry.
10 course tasting with alcohol, make sure to make reservations and lock down your seats because its only open for a lucky number of 24 people

Thursday Dinner
Queens Head Kemang
26 October 2017


RSVP : 021 – 7196160


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